Anita Zotkina 

Oil Painting Technique:

Anita uses a multilayered method to create her art.  After she paints a neutral outline on canvas, she applies a very thin layer of paint with a flat wide brush, to enhance the outline.   

The second layer, thicker than the first, creates a base, so that the viewer can clearly distinguish light and dark colors. This is accomplished with the help of a wide, medium sized brush. 

The third layer typically consists of adding dark saturated colors, as well as lighter ones, and is meant to establish a sense of volume and depth. 

Finally, Anita draws your attention to the primary subjects of her paintings, contrasting them from the rest with her skillful use of small, flat, and round brushes.  This has the beautiful effect of making her main characters’ faces appear as though they are glowing.  


Upcoming Montpelier Art Walk  - -  The Cheshire Cat  - -  September 2018 

The Daily Planet, Burlington VT  - -  Nov '17 - Jan '18 

The Stowe Street Café, Waterbury VT  - -  on-going 

Art Basel Miami Art weeks  - - 2016 

ArtExpo 2016 Milano   

T.W. Wood Gallery & Arts Center, Montpelier  

The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery Burlington, VT 

Out of the Blue Gallery, Cambridge, MA  

Sand Castle Winery Upstairs Art Gallery, Erwinna, PA

Boston University, Boston MA 

Odessa Ukraine – City Garden / various city Galleries

Anita’s Biography:

Born in the beautiful port city of Odessa, Anita Zotkina started her art career at a very young age.  Even still, she quickly learned to draw highly intricate pictures, while maintaining a charming and whimsical style.  To this day, Anita has never lost her passion for nature, or her sincere belief in the equal value which both humans and animals bring to our world. This is why the animal characters in her drawings were often anthropomorphized; wearing clothes, eating with utensils, reading books, etc…

At age 10, Anita was accepted into Odessa’s Grekov Art School, the oldest and one of the most prestigious art schools in Ukraine, but dropped out after her first year, feeling stifled by the lack of creative freedom.  Nevertheless, she would continue to paint on her own. 

In the wake of the Soviet collapse, as so many struggled to make ends meet, Anita realized that she could use her art to make a living.  This realization marked the beginning of her career as a professional artist, and she has yet look back. 

Anita immigrated to New England at age 27, and currently makes her home in the beautiful woods of Vermont.  It is from this peaceful and harmonious environment that she derives the inspiration she needs to create the delightfully spiritual artwork she is known for.   

To their viewers, Anita’s paintings are meant to convey her deep and abiding love and respect for our mother Gaia.  Making varied use of creative media, ranging from thick oil on canvas to textures acrylic on paper, Anita’s work fills the heart with love, inner peace, and positive healing energy. These paintings are excellent for bringing a little bit of light and beauty into any room in the house, and are sure to brighten up your day!

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