Anita Zotkina 

Little Journey     2017 11x14 oil on canvas

The little crocodile’s soul is getting ready for the final trip to a wonderful place that awaits everybody in the end. He heard it has warm rivers, lush vegetation, blue sky and welcoming butterflies. He hopes he will meet new friends, with whom he can run around, listen to music, have ice-cream and look at the stars. He feels very excited, although he will miss his local buddies. 

He wants to thank everyone who was kind to him, cleaned his cage and fed him, he wishes everyone well, and he hopes that the chic handbag will make someone happy.  

Each painting has its own story 

Blue Neighbor    2017 24x18 acrylic on paper

The recovered memory of the once familiar being.

I remember seeing them a long time ago walking around carrying countless creatures on their backs to various destinations.  That’s how we used to travel back then. 

Old Friend    2018 18x24 oil on canvas  

This is my little old friend, who knows everything about me. He is a kind, sweet and supportive soul, who always listens to my rants, and thinks that I’m awesome. 
It is always wonderful to spend time with him.  I feel like a kid again, open, optimistic and loved.  He helps me believe in myself and in my ability to co-create reality.  He helps me to draw a picture in my mind of a happy healthy planet and blissful world for everyone.  Love & Peace. 


Searching for Answers     2016 20x16 oil on canvas 

I woke up early one morning, went to a local park, stretched out on the grass and waited for someone to explain to me the setup of the Universe.  Beside the homeless, dog walkers and runners, I didn’t see anyone around.  It was a weekend, so I had some extra time to wait, although I was very curious about what is going on around us. I just wanted a short answer, one paragraph or so. 

I felt how the fresh wind surrounded me and I felt the warm sunlight on my face; I saw the birds and butterflies dancing around me, but I didn’t see anyone who could offer a clear answer. I guess it won’t happen today, maybe next weekend.  I will be back.


Evening Walk    2017 24x18 acrylic on paper

The Wandering Lady is walking her dog and watching the pappelatz pass by.

Silent thought:  Guys, please give me a ride home, I’ll give you my wine.

Day Dreaming     2015 11x14 oil on canvas panel

Stopping for a moment to reflex who I am, where I am and what I am doing. The head is full of voices, thoughts and images, it’s hard to decide which one to follow. Maybe the one where I am an animal that was placed in the cage to participate in the rat race for an amusement of the masters. It is impossible to break free, since our race was domesticated a while ago, and only a few will be able to survive in the wild. I’m definitely not one of them, I’m a middle-aged vegetarian that denounces violence toward animals, i.e. potential food source. Maybe I just need to fly away in my mind imagining that I’m a summer wind that travels around local landscapes and white clouds. Yes, this might work for 3-4 min, then I need to return, change the mind set and continue my obedient existence. 

Remote viewing     2016 20x16 oil on canvas

This painting was inspired by the mind travel experiences that take one far away time-wise and space-wise. In order to proceed, one has to park the body somewhere safe, bend the vision and feelings into the correct angle and wait for the great escape trip that will bring a grand experience that cannot be replicated on this Earth. The beauty of these dreamy trips is the deep feeling of total freedom and love for the big and wise Universe and everything that exist in it. No need to buy tickets, bring a dictionary, or get searched at the airport, just set the destination, close your eyes and roll-forward. 


Summer Drifting   2018 22x28 oil on canvas  

A slow drifting with a Cat-friend toward a peaceful realm, away from the noise and business. 
This artwork was created by using a multilayered / saturated oil paint technique, to set focus on the dreamy subject


Hug needed    2016 16x20 oil on canvas

The Giant Cat is traveling around the Universe and offers hugs and understanding to everyone who needs it. This cat is kind of magical, it takes various shapes and appears in many places simultaneously. One time when I was hugging a tree, I realized it was actually the Giant Cat. It is sweet and kind, it listens to people’s stories, arguments, doubts, suggestions, it doesn’t judge and it always provides hug relief.


Purple Ride  2017 24x18 acrylic on paper

One day the lady in a red dress decided to explore places she heard of but has never been to.  She packed her suitcase, arrived at the nearest station and waited for her purple ride.

The slightly visible object was in process of materialization.  Very shortly every being will board it and prepare for the flight.

Message   2017 20x24  oil on canvas

Got a new message from the Universe. Trying to figure out the symbolism, but feeling lost.  What was supposed to be the hint: colors, shapes, sounds or feelings? I wish the meaning was more obvious. To whomever sends those: if you would like to communicate with me for real, please send the next message in plain English, or in binary code, that it could be translated thru Google.

Would it be too much to ask to send it to everyone on this planet, so we could be on the same page?

Puffy Friends    2016 20x20 oil on canvas

Spending morning with the little puffy friends, discussing Universe, consciousness and liberation of the mind. Decided to create a world where each creature has a loving and nurturing environment. Next morning will be discussing where to start. 

Flowery portals     2016 16x20 oil on canvas

While walking alone at night and looking for aliens in the night sky, I found a portal that was built a long time ago, for sending out messages to faraway places.  I heard that someone sent out a CD with music. I decided to be different and sent out white flowers, because they remind me of the shiny stars that I’m waving at.  


Remembering my mission     2016 20x26 oil on canvas

The surrounding creates pictures with lights, shadows, sounds and colors to trigger my memory, so I could recall the moment when I was sent on my mission. 

Feeling Oneness   2018 28x22 oil on canvas  

This painting captures a feeling of being One with the whole existence and connection to the divine spirit. It aims to generate feelings of love, self-healing and inner peace. 
It was created by utilizing a multilayered oil painting technique along with contracting colors technique, to emphasize lively characters and their movements.

Returning   2016 20x16 oil on canvas

Managed to get back to the cozy place I used to visit daily.

Looks like nothing has changed, the same colors, feelings, friends, sounds. I promise, I will hang out there more often, it’s so good for my tired brain. The place where I can stop thinking of the meaning, but feel it.


Enlightenment    2016 20x24 oil on canvas

This is a long and painful process with unpleasant revelations and discoveries that send the mind in many directions. The TV as a thought-outsourcing entity doesn’t work any longer. The range of acceptable opinion seems too narrow, this existence resembles an advanced form of slavery, and participation in modern activities seems no longer possible. 

It is a time when one thinks fondly of blissfully ignorant times when shopping, summer barbecue, Christmas presents and pension plans made sense.

Good old times    2017 24x18 acrylic on paper

Every generation proclaims that it was better in the past.  Just to be on the safe side, one has to go back a really really long time to catch this “better” time. 

Enjoying no work, no invisible hand of the market, no stress, no pesticides, no planned obsolescence, just calmness and peace… Until it is time to get back home.

Mind Voyage    2017 24x18 acrylic on paper

Each trip into deep unknown on a homemade Pepelats brings new perspectives on the design of the material world, uncovers hidden monuments, introduces one to the wandering spirits and gives energy to continue the flight.  

Longing for Harmony    2015 11x14 oil on canvas panel

Leaving the childhood behind with its talking flowers, sweet butterflies, kind people and adventurous animals, I moved into adulthood, where I’ve been switching between cynical and optimistic cycles, and something in between – I assume melancholic. During periods of melancholy through prolonged thinking and conversation with myself, I’ve come up with a conclusion: there is so much compassion, talent, beauty and potential for good within each soul that this world could be turned into a generous heaven for each leaving being. When I close my eyes I can see a mirage like image of the perfect place with talking flowers and butterflies and omnipresent love, and I don’t want to let it go.      

Sign    2016 16x20 oil on canvas

Little butterfly landed on the foot just to say hi from the source, be happy, nothing is under control, and today is a beautiful day. The butterfly is right, everything should be taken easy, in the end it's just a ride.