Step 1  -  notice the stream of love you feel for the environment 


Everything you need to be happy is already in you.  Claim it.  

Step 4  -  enjoy self-love for 1-2 min or as much as you wish 

Step 3  -  slow down and feel this stream.  feel its air-movements, its warmth, its colors... 

3.   Clean it up, i.e. analyze it:

  • what event(s) caused this feeling?
  • were you in control of the situation?
  • how your life experience fits into it?
  • did you learn anything from it?     
  • thank the Universe for the learning opportunity. 

2.   Recognize your dark thought / feeling – name it (sadness, grief, disappointment, etc.) 

The less you own, the more freedom you have.  Live simply.

Dealing with Dark Thoughts / Feelings 


4.   Make peace with it – it will become a part of your life experience. 

      Repeat Steps 2 & 3 as needed 

Anita Zotkina 

Step 2  -  turn the direction of the stream toward yourself 

1.  Being in a dark state of mind is not fun.  Deal with it, don’t avoid it – it is a chance to become a wiser person.